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Dental Services

About us

Yakutat Community Health Center Dental Department offers outpatient services to all community members, including children, youth, and adults.


The YCHC Dental team provides the highest-quality dental care with gentle hands and a compassionate bedside manner. We offer comprehensive dental services, including general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, oral health prevention education, and other dental services.


Our Team

Clarissa Garthe, Community Health Services Director.

Jessica Blanco, Pediatric Dentist.

Saije Bowler, Dental Assistant.

Nolan Davis, Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Jennifer Sanbei, Dental Hygienist.

Mary Shorey, Dental Hygienist.

David Prince, Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Nadine Fraker, Dental Receptionist.

Nicole Sitherwood, Dental Receptionist.


Our Services

  • Emergency/ Walk-In.

  • Dental Examinations.

  • Oral Hygiene Cleanings.

  • Periodontal Maintenance.

  • Dental Extractions.

  • Crowns and Fillings.

  • Dentures, Bridges and Partials.

  • Dental Implant Restorations.

  • Root Canal Treatment.

  • Dental Sealants.

  • Frenectomy.

  • X-Rays/ Radiographs.

  • Pediatric Oral Care.

Upcoming Clinics

Please get in touch with our Dental team at either 907-784-3275 or the mobile number (907) 314-2504 to arrange an appointment with the provider you require.

April 11th - 12th, 15th - 17th

Dr. Nolan Davis, DSS

April 15th - 19th

Hygienist Jenn Sanbei, RDH

May 7th - 10th

Pediatric Jessica Blanco, DMD

May 24th, 28th & 29th

Dr. David Prince, DDS

May 28th - 31st

Hygienist Mary Shorey, RDH


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