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Yakutat Community Health Center

Behavioral Health Services

YCHC Behavioral Health Services offer outpatient services to all members of the community, including children, youth and adults.

Our goal is to provide compassionate mental health and counseling services for people with psychological and emotional difficulties such as: depression, anxiety, chemical dependency, co-occurring disorders, marriage and family problems, medically related conditions, stress-related conditions and workplace issues.

Yakutat Community Health Center

Dental Services

The YCHC has been serving patients in Yakutat. Our Dental Clinic is made up of highly skilled medical professionals who deeply value your health and wellbeing. We take great pride in providing our community with high quality, patient-centric care and health education. Proactive and preventative measures help keep our community healthier, and we work with that idea in mind. YCHC has the wellness services you’d like when you’re feeling fine, and the emergency services you need when illness or injury strikes. Schedule a check-up.

Yakutat Community Health Center

Health Services

Yakutat Community Health Center provides high quality primary care medical services for patients of all ages.   From routine and preventive care, to care for more complicated or chronic conditions, we are here to meet the medical needs of families, individuals and visitors in our community.

Yakutat Community Health Center

Community Outreach & Enrollment Services

This is a new patient services program offering enrollment assistance to all community members free of cost!  Outreach & Enrollment can assist with linking you to community, state federal or other resources.  Make an appointment with Outreach & Enrollment Specialist, Kristy Schumacher, at 907-784-3275 ext. 104  today!

Yakutat Community Health Center

Native Connections Projects

In November 2016, the Yakutat Community Health Center was awarded a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Native Connections grant.  This five-year program helps American Indian and Alaska Native communities identify and address the behavioral health needs of Native youth.  This project focuses on reducing substance use and risk of suicide as well as promoting protective factors in all youth up to age 24.

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