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Yakutat Community Health Center

Main Office

115 Airport Rd. Yakutat AK, 99689 | P.O Box 112, Yakutat AK, 99689

Landline: (907) 784-3275 | mobile: (907) 314-0885

Jacobson Office

187 Mallott Ave. Yakutat AK, 99689 | P.O Box 115, Yakutat AK, 99689

In case you encounter difficulty reaching us through our landline, we kindly suggest that you try reaching us through our mobile numbers:

📱 Medical: (907) 314-0885

📱 Dental: (907) 314-2504

📱 Behavioral Health (907) 784-3275 Ext. 116

📱 Case Management Support: (907) 314-0461

📱 Patient Experience Direct Line: (907) 314-2345

We understand that our phone lines may be causing inconvenience, and we apologize for the trouble. Our team is tirelessly working to resolve the issue.






9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

The clinic is closed for lunch from 12-1 p.m.

Behavioral Health appointments may be available on Saturdays by appointment.

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Please be aware that online communications are not guaranteed to be secure. Do NOT send confidential or personal information

Patient Experience Team

As your Patient Experience Team, we are committed to listening to feedback to ensure your clinic is meeting your needs. Your feedback ensures we are treating patients with respect and dignity and are providing Patient-Centered Care with the highest level of quality,

If you are concerned about the care you are receiving or are not satisfied with the care, please use one of the methods included to let us know.

You always have the option to remain anonymous.

Lina Allen.jpg

My name is Lina Allen and I am the Patient Experience & Quality Improvement Coordinator at YCHC.

I was born and raised in Fairbanks. I am Athabascan and am an enrolled member of the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians in California. I have worked in the departments of Hospital Administration, Quality and Risk, Nursing and Patient Experience. I became one of the first nationally certified Patient Advocates for ANMC and was instrumental in mentoring other regions in Alaska to hire and train their own patient advocates. I do have some family and friends here already but have grown to love it even more as I get to know patients. Yakutat is a gem and I am so proud to serve the patients here and believe everyone deserves the highest of quality for their healthcare.

Kristy Supsook.png

My name is Kristy Supsook and I am the Patient Experience Advocate at YCHC.

I am Inupiaq from the native villages of Nome and Point Hope. I have worked for Indian Health Services (IHS) within the Alaska Tribal Health System for over thirteen years. I have professional experience in the areas of Indian Health Services, Quality Improvement, Patient/Customer Experience, Purchased and Referred Care, and Behavioral Health. My role as Patient Experience Advocate gives me deep sense of purpose knowing we are working together health services for our community.

I coordinate/assist with inpatient and outpatient discharge planning in conjunction with the discharge care coordinators and social workers, as well as work collaboratively with YCHC and ANTHC/ANMC Services (Customer Service, Travel Management Office, Housing, and Clinical Teams/Departments).

How are we doing?
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In-clinic Survey

At each appointment, you will be offer a survey to fill out on paper or you can fill it out here Survey


Call it to our hotline with complaints, suggestions or compliments: 1-888-692-6675

Thank you in Advance for your help in making Yakutat Community Health Center, a place of healing for all residents

Contact us Directly

Lina Allen

Phone: (907) 314-2345


Kristy Supsook

Phone: (907) 314-2381


Please know you will sometimes receive texts or calls from us to inquire about recent visits if you have attended a Specialty Clinic (OB/Gynecology or Orthopedics) appointment. We are excited about offering these services to the community, so we are gathering feedback about your experience.

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