things to do

With so many things to do in Yakutat, we thought it would be helpful to break it down for new individuals or families that might consider making Yakutat their new home.  

While these are only a few suggestions, we're sure that there are many more things that we haven't thought of to entertain everyone in your family.



Relatively unknown to many, Surfing has maintained a steady attraction in Yakutat amongst professional surfers and general enthusiasts alike.  

A favorite pastime for many visitors and a livelihood for many residents, fishing has made Yakutat world famous.  Click the picture to the left for more information and links on fishing at the Yakutat Chamber of Commerce.

Kayaking & Canoeing

WWII Air Museum

Camping & Outdoors

Yakutat has a number of islands to kayak and canoe around but the sights are limitless.  You will always find some new sight to see - from marine wildlife to icebergs.  Click the picture to the left and see more kayaking photos.

The WWII museum maintains a serious collection of artifacts from WWII.  This museum is one you shouldn't miss.  Click the picture on the left to open a window to the WWII museum.

Camping in the great outdoors is nothing short of amazing in Yakutat.  The lush green forests of Yakutat littered with blueberries, strawberries and (other) berries are bucolic and picturesque.  

Mt. St. Elias Dancers

The Mt. St. Elias dancers are legend in Yakutat.  With their handmade regalia and historical songs, they are a must to see.  

Hubbard Glacier



Beach Combing

Bird Watching


Hubbard Glacier is one of the very few fresh-water glaciers in the world.  Its rarity is matched only by its amazing beauty and surreal calving.  Click the photo and see some pretty amazing photos and video.

Yakutat has taken great care and effort in creating and maintaining its hiking trails.  Some are for beginners, some are not.  Some are long, and some are not.  But all of the trails are worth the walk.  Click the picture to the left and discover all the Yakutat trails available.

No experience in Yakutat gives you quite the overview of our geography as the flight tours do.  In addition to views of the town and surrounding coastline, pilots frequently will take passengers to the glaciers.

Certainly, one of the favorite pastimes for residents of Yakutat is beach combing.  In addition to be a scenic and quiet walk, there is always the opportunity to find glass balls that have been swept out to sea from Japanese fishing vessels.

Bird watching in Yakutat found its birth in the Alaskan Tern.  Many studies have been done on this particular bird and it has quickly become a local favorite (not to mention we have a festival named after it).

Like many small villages, Yakutat's local festivals have our own local flavor.  And our local flavor centers around fishing or wildlife.  Hence, Family Fishing Day, Tern Festival, Fairweather Day are a few of the Festivals that we hold yearly.