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Planning a move to Yakutat and then setting up electricity, water, sewer, garbage, cable, and internet seems daunting.  But rest assured, we've got you covered.  Here are the list of phone numbers we think you might need when the big day comes

Moving and setting up

When moving, AML and Alaska Airlines have you covered for all your moving needs. See the phone numbers attached and should you have any questions they are always helpful and accommodating.

The ferry (Alaska Marine Highway) is also another way in which one might move a car or the uhaul - not to mention it's a great sight-seeing trip!

Borough Services

City Water/Sewer

AVEC Electric

Cable TV- DirecTv

Internet- Hughesnet


City &Borough of

Yakutat City Hall

(907) 784 3323

(800) 478 1818

(907) 784 3458

(907) 784 3458

(907) 784 3411

(907) 784 3323

Shipping Carriers

Alaska Marine Lines (AML)

(907) 784 3323

Alaska Airlines

(800) Alaska (Air cargo)

Ferry (Alaska Marine Highway)

(800) 642 0066

Cellphone Carriers


(800) 800 4800

Cordova Wireless

(907) 784 3662


(800) 331 0500

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