Behavioral Health Services

About us

YCHC Behavioral Health Services offer outpatient services to all members of the community, including children, youth and adults.


Our goal is to provide compassionate mental health and counseling services for people with psychological and emotional difficulties such as: depression, anxiety, chemical dependency, co-occurring disorders, marriage and family problems, medically related conditions, stress-related conditions and workplace issues. 

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Our Team

Brenda Byrd, Behavioral Health Director

Robin Murdock, LICSW

Valerie Jensen, BHA Trainee

Violet Sensmeier, BHA Trainee

Kristy Schumacher, Office Coordinator

White Raven, LMSW/PHD/MRTT


Dra. Marianne Rolland, PhD, LMSW

Floyd H. Guthrie, MRTT, BA


Our Services

  • Therapy: we serve clients from age 4 years old to adults. We provide a range of therapeutic services 

  • Assessment and Evaluation

  • Medication evaluation and management

  • Diagnostic testing

  • Substance abuse (chemical dependency) assessment & counseling

  • Court Ordered treatment

  • Tobacco cessation

  • Individual, couples and family therapy

  • Coping Skills training

  • Crisis intervention (when available)

  • Services are offered face-to-face or via VID-YO (video conferencing)

  • Group Therapy

  • Ambulatory Detox

  • Live Skills Coaching